Lauren Besser is a writer and a comedian in New York City. She was a National Organizer of the Women's March on Washington, a house performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - New York, and is the co-host of The Real Housewives of Bohemia podcast and the author of the essay Had Bernie Been Bernadette.  

Lauren is trained in improv and comedy writing by UCB-NY, iOChicago and The PIT. She co-created the comedy WOMYN INC and the improvised series U.E.S. She appears in both award-winning series 2 Self Help Books Away From Being Perfect and Period Piece; Above Average, Refinery29, Elite Daily and Bustle videos; and The Bozo Show, Suddenly Susan and Impractical Jokers. Her photos have been published by Brooklyn Street Art, Wooster Collective and Chicago Public Radio. A mural of her face appeared on the Prada Spring/Summer 2013 runway, clothing and accessories.

Lauren was once the youngest state president in the history of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and a winning city council campaign manager. She is a graduate of the creative writing program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a native of downtown Chicago. Her blog is T H I S WOMANHOOD.